Restaurant Systems

Are you searching for a reliable fire protection service for your restaurant? Then, stop your search because Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems NV | Service & Repair company is always there to help you. We design, install, maintain, and renovate the kitchens to protect them from fire damages. Unfortunately, restaurants are at high risk because of kitchen and cooking gadgets. 

However, we provide comprehensive support to protect the restaurant from fire damage. Fire security alarms and monitoring systems will help detect the fire arousal within minutes, and you can take timely treatments to deal with fire haphazardly. 

How to install commercial kitchen hoods and fire suppression systems?

It's not easy to install a complete fire protection system with the latest techniques. Thus, our team will analyze the area and report to help you understand installing a fire protection system. Various methods could help you, but we will discuss installation and repair service and maintenance. 

Detailed consultation

Our team will discuss the whole scenario after analyzing the area. Then, we will provide you with the complex infrastructure of the fire protection tools. Thus, you can estimate the amount, and the proper installation will let you use the restaurant kitchen with ease. 

Moreover, there will be no extra smoke and fire arousal because of some limitations in the kitchen. So, you can cook a delicious meal without worrying about fire and its haphazard. 

On-site coordination

On-site coordination is necessary to install some essential fire protection tools. Our team will tell you the usage, and a demo session will get done to train your staff, and we do the same when launching new technologies in our system. Hence, your team will get educated enough to use the tools while cooking efficiently. 


Fire protection machines and tools get installed with insured plans. We recommend installing insured tools because you will bear the minimum loss in case of any damage, and insured items can also get replaced. 

Inspections, testing, repairs, and maintenance

It's our primary responsibility, and we believe in quality services. Our team will install the fire protection equipment with great expertise, and our products will get tested before launching on the market. Thus, we use reliable and certified fire protection tools to install in your restaurant. So, you can call us any time for a free maintenance service.

However, a portable fire extinguisher system will provide the immediate solution to protect against fire damages. In addition, we provide fire sprinkle and fire suppression tools as well. Therefore, you can manage anything suddenly, and the power-packed solutions and fire alarm system will help get a quick assessment. 

Over to you  

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems NV | Service & Repair company is excellent to meet the demands of various areas. Hence, its application in restaurants provides complete protection against fire, and its technical tools are always a blessing for the people with a fully protected fire prevention system. 

Moreover, we are available at one call, and our team will help you according to your expectations. So you will get the same what you need precisely.

We offer professional Restaurant Systems and Commercial Fire Sprinklers with Repair & Installation in Reno, Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin.