How does a Standard Response Fire Sprinkler Work

How does a Standard Response Fire Sprinkler Work?

A standard response (SR) sprinkler head is best suited for commercial or industrial buildings, including factories and warehouses. They activate individually to prevent causing water damage with no fire present.

An SR sprinkler head is also designed to activate quickly. It responds to a local fire event. In this case, the response time must be quick so that the water does not have time to damage all of your equipment or factory products. The standard response sprinkler head contains a heat-sensitive element, usually a disc-shaped pellet made from silver chloride, held between two electrical leads. The heat generated by the fire causes one of these leads to melt and breaks an electrical circuit within the sprinkler head. This causes an electric current to pass through the element, and it heats up and melts (usually in about 30 seconds).

The standard response sprinkler head melts in proportion to the heat of the fire. This allows it to activate once a high enough temperature is present in proximity to the head. If the area of the factory where the fire has started is small, then this means that only one or two heads are likely to be activated. 

SR sprinklers contain 5 mm glass bulbs that take longer for the expanding liquid inside to burst them. When SR sprinkler heads are used in a larger space, such as a warehousing area, several heads could be activated in response to high temperatures. In this instance, the sprinkler system is likely to be designed around a water mist or deluge system. This will decrease the likelihood of water damage and increase the number of heads that can be activated when responding to localized fire events.

A standard response sprinkler head is best suited to the following uses:

– For smaller fire events in warehouses and factories.

– To protect equipment such as machinery. 

– In areas where sensitive objects are present, there is a low likelihood of multiple fires occurring in one area at any one time. 

Standard response sprinkler heads are not recommended for use in areas where a high degree of water damage is likely from the sprinklers being activated. In this scenario, it would be better to use an early or pre-action system that sprays water only when the fire reaches a specific temperature.

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