How does a quick response fire sprinkler work

How does a Quick Response Fire Sprinkler Work?

A quick response (QR) fire sprinkler is a type of fire sprinkler designed to activate more quickly in the event of a fire. This allows them to extinguish the fire more rapidly and can help to minimize damage. Quick response fire sprinklers are often used in commercial or industrial settings, where there is a greater risk of a fire breaking out.

Quick response (QR) sprinkler heads are typical in high-density, light-hazard environments, including hospitals, assisted living facilities, office buildings, and schools. They are also often installed in residences.

Quick response fire sprinklers are more sensitive than standard fire sprinklers to the heat of a fire, so they activate at lower temperatures. QR sprinkler heads monitor for high and low temperatures through two independent sensors. If one sensor thinks there is a problem, it will signal the other sensor. If the second sensor detects a problem, it will activate and sprays water on the fire.

This allows QR heads to detect and extinguish small fires that may smolder for some time after the actual ignition point. This feature can benefit commercial or industrial facilities where an accidental fire may cause severe damage if not quickly detected and extinguished.

QR fire sprinkler heads are typically mounted directly on the ceiling rather than in an enclosure along with other types of sprinklers. QR sprinkler heads respond faster to the flames below by activating at a lower temperature. They have 3 mm bulbs that allow the liquid inside to expand and break the glass quickly. It’s only appropriate to install QR sprinkler heads in applications that are unlikely to have high ambient temperatures that could trigger a sprinkler head without a fire present. 

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