How do Fire Sprinkler Systems Work?

Fire sprinkler systems are an essential part of fire safety in many buildings. They work by spraying water onto a fire to extinguish it. But how do they know when there’s a fire to respond to? And how does the water reach the fire? Let’s take a closer look at how fire sprinkler systems work.

How do fire sprinkler systems work?

A heat-sensitive element controls each sprinkler. This means the water only sprays onto a fire when the temperature reaches a certain level, which can help prevent false alarms. On top of this, some sprinklers may not be triggered by small fires because they are made for larger fires only. The fire can be given extra time to grow before some systems spray it.

The heat-sensitive element inside a sprinkler is a glass bulb filled with liquid. The liquid inside the sprinkler will expand under certain conditions, usually when heated. This expansion puts pressure on the glass bulb, and as this pressure gets higher, the limits of how much it can begin to weaken. When enough pressure builds up, the bulb will burst and releases the water behind it.

The pressure needed to activate a sprinkler is based on the color of the liquid inside the bulb. The different colors each represent a different temperature, preventing false alarms from sprinklers from going off in a building where the temperature isn’t high enough to activate them.

Orange – 135°F 

Red – 155°F 

Yellow – 174°F 

Green – 200°F 

Blue – 286°F 

Purple – 360°F 

Black – 440°F

Since the fire sprinklers are activated by heat, there is no risk of your fire sprinkler system accidentally by smoke or dust in the air. That said, the bulbs are very fragile, and any tampering could cause them to go off. If a sprinkler head gets accidentally knocked off (by a forklift, truck, repairman, etc.), there’s going to be lots and lots of water flowing through that sprinkler head until the system is shut down.

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