How Can I Maintain My Sprinkler System

How Can I Maintain My Sprinkler System?

Are you considering a new sprinkler system for your home? You may be wondering how you can maintain it to continue to give you excellent performance. No doubt, the most important thing to do to keep your fire sprinkler in good shape is to have it inspected by a professional at least once a year. Frequent fire sprinkler inspections will help catch any problems with your system, so they don’t prevent it from operating correctly in the future. In addition, fire sprinkler system maintenance will usually lower insurance premiums.

In this article, Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Nevada Service & Repair has brought to you some do’s and don’ts of maintaining a sprinkler system; Read on to learn more.


– Test your fire sprinkler system monthly by opening the test valve and listening for an alarm bell.

– Know the location of the fire sprinkler system shutoff valve.

– Make sure the fire sprinkler system control valve stays open.

– Have your system reevaluated for needed upgrades when:

  1. The building is purchased.
  2. The building is substantially remodeled.
  3. The system is repaired, or parts are replaced.
  4. You make any changes in the system which may affect its operation, such as changes in occupant use. 


– Paint the sprinklers.

– Damage sprinklers (report any damage immediately).

– Hang objects from any part of the system.

– Obstruct or cover the sprinklers.

Maintain your fire sprinkler system correctly using these simple instructions. Speak to your local fire sprinkler company for more information on how they can help you maintain your system. 

At Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Nevada Service & Repair, we provide comprehensive fire protection services, including system design and installation, inspection, and maintenance. We also offer commercial sprinkler system inspections and fire sprinkler testing for most buildings in Nevada. For more information, feel free to call or send us an email today.

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