Exit/Emergency Lighting

It is followed by emergency shut-off lights when it spreads in an area. So, it's essential to illuminate the escape ways with exit/ emergency lights. If you have installed the emergency light system in your building, that would be a blessing in times of need. The illuminating lights are powerful and are sensitive to heat and fire. 

However, when a fire spreads in a building without any alarm notification. It would help if you had an escape way illuminated with lights. So, a comprehensive fire protection system gets completed by installing the emergency lights in the escape route. We take care of each minor and significant detailing, and when we get hired to install a fire protection system, we accomplish our work from A-to-Z detailing.

What are the different types of emergency lighting? 

We deal in various emergency lights, and you can choose one that could help meet your demands. The types of emergency lighting depend on the physical nature of the area, so our team will guide you better on what kind of light would be the best for illuminating your escape route.

An LED light gets used to illuminate the basements and the exit route because of their energy-saving option. It's the most wanted type of emergency lighting. Hence, we check it weekly or monthly after installation, and its maintenance is our responsibility. We provide free repair service to accommodate your needs. 

Illuminated fire exit signs are another type of emergency lighting. These light up to show the location of fire exits.

Photoluminescent marker tape, paint, and floor discs also mark escape routes. It became popular where the road is not even, and turning points are more than straight. 

How to maintain an emergency light?

It's essential to inspect and maintain an emergency light for its effective functioning. Some lights get charged with cells and batteries, and constant checking gets required for them. Hence, some lights don't need to recharge, and you have to check them once a month. Unlike other fire protection tools, we check emergency lights every month. 

Where do you need to install emergency lighting?

It's essential to know and understand how and where to make your escape route and how you manage things accordingly. Our team is an expert, and after analyzing the whole area, we will help allocate the escape route to install an emergency lighting system. 

Moreover, it's your choice which type of light you want to install to make a fully protected system around. Fire and damages are uncontrollable if it spreads quickly. So, a fire protection system must include major and minor detailing to preserve the buildings from heavy damages. 

  • You need to install emergency lighting at each exit door 
  • Escape routes and corridor intersections are also required to get illuminated for easy escape
  • Near to fire alarms and fire protection system
  • Lifts and some areas in building more than 60cm square. 

Over to you 

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems NV Las Vegas | Service & Repair is a name of trust and reliability. Our innovative fire protection system meets all the criteria and provides an excellent job when an emergency hits the area. Our team will reach suddenly, and you will get peace of mind along with fully protected premises.

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