Backflow Prevention

When using a fire protection system, you must need backflow prevention equipment to get the actual job done. Hence, most fire sprinkler systems are incomplete without backflow prevention. Therefore, fire protection gets facilitated with a comprehensive fire protection system and backflow prevention. Our technical staff will wisely help you get rid of any situation. 

Moreover, we respond to an immediate call, and our experts are ready to deliver services quickly. So, with a precise backflow prevention system and fire protection tools, we will perform our best to provide a complete job. The system gets detailed with durable pipes: valves, and a water reservoir to build high irreversible pressure. 

You must be curious to know what backflow prevention is and how this system helps you get the proper fire protection.

What is backflow prevention? 

Backflow prevention is the system of the overflow of water, and at the same time, it prevents the backflow. For example, if you are hitting a fire emergency in any industrial area, you need a flood of water to overcome the situation. So, backflow prevention equipment and a fire sprinkler will help you control the situation. 

However, a sensitive valve to fire and smoke control the backflow prevention system. Our system gets detailed with an accurate backflow prevention system and an authentic water reservoir for detailed fire protection. Moreover, when a standard check valve got used to prevent backflow, the inspection and maintenance requirements in NFPA 25 were virtually the same today. The 1992 edition of NFPA 25, the first edition of that standard, required that check valves get internally inspected once every five years.

How to inspect and maintain a backflow prevention system?

It's essential to inspect a fire protection system after installing it for emergency reasons. Our team won't leave you alone in a time of emergency. We will be there at one call, and after installing a complete fire protection system, we inspect the system first weekly and after some time monthly. 

IIt'sour responsibility to meet your demands, and by investing a bit of money, you will get provided with complete protection from fire and its damages. We repair the system free of cost, and it's incredible to cooperate with us to protect your building and offices. 

  • An internal inspection is done weekly or once in five years to check the capability of internal components. 
  • Qualified experts and criteria let the backflow prevention system meets the authority having jurisdictions and local jurisdiction's policies. 
  • We adjust the maximum flow rate to provide a thorough job. 

Over to you 

We are a team of qualified experts and educated team members. We train our staff to provide an efficient job in case of emergency. Our fire protection system comes with the latest tools and machines to perform incredible work at the time of need. So, you have to spend money once and get lifetime protection afterward.

Our company offers Backflow Prevention with expert Commercial Fire Sprinklers in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, & Sparks, Nevada.