Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems NV Las Vegas | Service & Repair
Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems NV Las Vegas | Service & Repair

Property and lives are at risk when a fire spreads quickly and damages both. The proper maintenance of fire sprinkler systems can prevent or control fires. We provide design, installation, testing, inspection, and maintenance services on all types of fire sprinkler systems and components, including wet, dry, pre-action, deluge, fire pumps, water storage tanks, standpipes, water mist, nitrogen generators, and more.

Consultations on fire sprinkler systems

Providing professional services that no one else can match will enable us to stand out from the competition.

  • The vast technical expertise of our staff of registered professional engineers allows us to provide services that exceed those offered by our competitors.
  • We can provide you with certified drawings with a professional engineer on staff.
  • In addition, we have provided alternative design methods and engineering judgments to several owners, Architects, and even local authorities.
  • As a third-party auditor, we conduct a range of audits and inspections associated with commissions, including sprinkler systems, smoke evacs, building construction compliance, high-rise requirements, and more.

The use of sprinklers saves lives. Without well-maintained and working fire sprinklers, an organization's fire safety plan would not be complete. As experts in the industry, we can provide services for design, installation, PM, and emergencies.

We will inspect and maintain your fire sprinkler systems so you can rest assured they are prepared to safeguard your customers, hold up your property, and pass any local fire protection requirements. Typically, sprinklers need to get inspected monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually, and every five years. Our goal is to create a program that meets the needs of you and your company.

Besides performing the necessary inspections and maintenance, we can improve the system's reliability, extend its life, and reduce overall maintenance costs. In addition to using advanced 3D CAD design software, the design team utilizes project coordination and fire sprinkler design services. Our nitrogen-based corrosion protection program includes fire sprinkler piping as well. The applications are suitable for all facilities, including data centers, hospitals, stadiums, warehouses, or any other site where a wet, dry, or pre-action system exists.

Performing fire sprinkler system inspections and tests

  • If you have a specific insurance issue, custom reporting requirements, or unique jurisdictional requirements, we can custom design an inspection and testing program for you
  • Tests are conducted on all sprinkler system components, including all alarm signals as well as supervisory signals in agreement with NFPA 25
  • Our automated reporting ensures the timely completion of your reports and ensures that your authority has jurisdiction if needed.
  • As part of our maintenance programs, we store all maintenance records electronically and monitor deficiencies and corrections accordingly.
  • Regardless of the severity and type of fire protection-related emergency, our technicians get equipped to handle it. Our services are provided twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. When it comes to the needs and expectations of our clients, there is no "small emergency."

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